Essential Equipment for the Digital DJ

From it's early mixing roots in hip hop to the more recent advances in digital DJing, mixing music has never been more accessible and affordable for the average person wanting to mash together tracks and perform on stage. With the huge influx of high profile DJs from Scandinavia and America, DJing is becoming a hugely popular pastime, allowing people to express their creativeness from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Here are 4 must-have pieces of equipment that will allow you to create the next chart-topping mix and become a DJ.

1. Laptop

As with any digital music, a laptop is one of the best investments you can make. The faster and more powerful it is, the better it will perform when layering up all of the different tracks and effects within your mix. Your laptop will allow you to take advantage of various software programs that will enable you to program everything from funky drum grooves to synthesised ambient tones. Just ensure that your laptop is compatible with whichever software and hardware you wish to use and has enough space to store all of your samples and music. 

2. Monitors

Monitors will allow you to listen to your mash ups in a more realistic environment. If you think about it, nobody listens to a DJ at a club through headphones unless you're at a silent disco. Therefore it's important to listen to your music through monitors to help mix them accurately and ensure that each musical component can be heard with clarity. Try to choose monitors with a wide frequency response and place them at head height on a computer desk and angled towards your ears. 

3. Headphones

Headphones are a must and should have a wide frequency response. You need to make sure that they fit comfortably and don't put unnecessary pressure on your head, as this can become uncomfortable. The headphones should be clear and responsive allowing you to beatmatch tracks accurately and create a smooth mix that is pitched correctly and flows from one song to another without your audience noticing. 

4. DJ Controller

Using a DJ controller will allow you to operate your software externally. Trying to use a mouse or a track pad during a set just won't work, and so the DJ controller will help you to emulate a traditional turntable whilst manipulating the various settings within your software quickly and smoothly. 

DJing is a truly creative form of musical expression and with such good-quality budget DJ equipment available online it's the perfect time to get involved in this hugely popular pastime. 

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